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Great Specs is a great place to visit for quality affordable eyeglasses, replacement lenses, and eyeglass repairs and adjustments.

We have a large selection of frames, so just about everyone can find something they like. We can even make custom shapes for rimless frames, which means someone who is hard to fit can have properly fitting eyeglasses and someone who wants a unique pair of spectacles can get them. Want to use your existing frame for new lenses? I’m happy to install new lenses in your frame if it seems to be in good shape and is suitable for prescription lenses. There are a lot of lens products, and I do my best to provide alternatives to clients. Because I obtain my lenses from several different sources, I can get just about any lens available in the United States.

Sometimes broken frames can be fixed. You might be surprised. Bring in your damaged frame, and I may be able to repair it.

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