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About Great Specs

Great Specs first opened February 2009. The country was undergoing an economic meltdown, and the weather was frigid – not a great time to start a new business.

When I analyzed the local market, it was apparent there were no optical stores specializing in affordable eyeglasses. It was my intention to change that. When you visit my store, you’ll notice how different it is from other optical shops. I have a large selection of frames, many products you won’t see in other shops, including some lines unique to my store. Because I occasionally buy out other businesses, I can offer an eclectic selection and pass on the savings to my clients.

Great Specs isn’t just about affordable eyeglasses. By having an in-store lab and continually upgrading my equipment, I can make eyeglasses in house, which gives me greater control over quality. Having in-house lens processing also means I can make a person eyeglasses the same day the order is placed – often in less than an hour. Of course many lenses, such as bifocals and progressive addition lenses, have to be ordered, but if you want to reuse your existing frame, you don’t have to be without them for days or weeks – just a matter of hours.

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